UTL Industries are independent steel traders providing wide range of Value added Services in India. Our services span every step in the steel supply chain and include finance, provision of raw materials, steel trading, distribution and stockholding. Our skilled personnel are trained to provide fast and efficient services to all the customers. With turnover exceeding Rs 70 million in 2013-14, we have trade around 1500 tonnes of steel and steel-making raw materials per annum through a network of offices in Dubai, Mumbai, Vadodara (Gujarat) and through Agents across India. We aim to be the partner of choice for producers and purchasers of steel in every part of the world. We achieve this by developing strong business relationships, by continuously improving our processes and by adding value at every step - from Steel Plant to factory floor.


UTL industries core business is steel trading. We act as a trading intermediary between producers and purchasers providing range of value-adding services. The goods we trade include long, flat, tubular and semi-finished products. We also trade specialised products such as engineering steels, stainless steels and steel products for the oil & gas industry.

FOR PRODUCERS OF STEEL : UTL Industries offers cost-effective marketing, logistical and financial services to secure customer business in overseas markets.

FOR PURCHASERS OF STEEL : UTL Industries offers a reliable and flexible sourcing channel with financial support.

Value added services support our trading business include off take arrangements, various forms of credit, derivatives trading, shipping, inspection, breaking bulk at port, clearing goods through customs, handling complex VAT regulations and organising inland transport and intermediate stocking.

Our role as a trading intermediary can take one of two forms: principal or agent. When acting as the principal in the business we confirm the contract, take the credit risk and invoice the buyer - we make a profit by including a small margin for ourselves between the sales price and the purchasing costs. When acting as agent, supplier invoices the buyer directly and makes a profit by way of a commission or fee from the steel producer. Whether we act as principal or agent, the marketing services offered to the steel producer are same.