FINANCE ARRANGEMENT:  UTL’s specialist trade and project finance team works with our bankers to offer customised finance packages to the steel industry.

Our structured trade finance agreement includes capital requirements and pre-production finance. UTL also facilitates the satisfaction of offset and countertrade commitments which arises when winning a contract from an overseas country, the contractor pledges to counterbalance it with reciprocal trade or investment.

UTL’s special projects team draws upon the Group’s wide spectrum of services to develop investment proposals and joint venture partnerships. Our project finance agreements fund expenditure works on capital assets. Our consultancy services include market analysis and research, business planning, project feasibility assessments and due diligence.

UTL’s specialist price risk management team employs a range of derivative tools to manage the group’s exposure to physical market price fluctuations.

PRICE RISK MANAGEMENT: Steel prices are inherently volatile that makes business planning a complicated and risky exercise. The introduction of steel futures guides us in understanding the development of the industry. UTL’s specialist price risk management team employs a range of derivative tools that can help to manage exposure to physical market price fluctuations and they would be pleased to hear from you.

DISTRIBUTION: As a leading international trader, UTL already has the necessary relationships with steel producers to perform a role as a bulk breaker at port. As a wholesale distributor, it brings steel within the international network offering an essential feeder service to the retail end of the supply chain.

LOGISTICS: UTL's logistics services aim to expedite transport of steel and raw materials from producer to purchaser cost effectively and safely. Our team of professionals is located across country and internationally with main shipping hubs in Dubai.